UK Garage and Bodyshop Event “fantastic” for Easy2Recruit


Easy2Recruit, the agency helping garages hire overseas talent, was able to fit in a first birthday party for the company and a panel appearance for founder Ambi Singh at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event (UKGBE) last week.


The UKGBE took place from 5-6 June at the NEC Birmingham, a year on from the launch of Easy2Recruit in June 2023. “It was a fantastic show for us,” said Ambi. “We started Easy2Recruit 12 months ago, and the message really seems to be getting through. At our stand at the UKGBE we were inundated with garages wanting to find out how we can help them bring technicians from overseas to work in their workshops.”


Ambi was also part of a panel discussion entitled ‘Independent Garage Profitability and Growth” alongside other leading sector figures, which was held in the Workshop Management Hub at the show on Wednesday 5 June. “Garages need to be able to grow their workforce if they want to increase profitability,” said Ambi during the discussion, “but they can’t attract staff because the talent pool in the UK is restricted. To get growth in our businesses we need to relieve pressure in our workshops. The solution is to recruit technicians from overseas.”


Easy2Recruit helps garages to recruit technicians from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India. The garage owner requires a licence from the Home Office, which Easy2Recruit can help obtain. The owner then performs a selection video interview with the candidate. After this, the company handles all pastoral care for the overseas worker, including visa application, flight booking and accommodation.


As well as the core offering, Easy2Recruit offers Student2Skill, which pairs international students studying in the UK with garages looking for part-time workers.


Alongside these innovative programmes, Easy2Recruit are also the authorised recruitment supplier for the National Body Repair Association (NBRA).


To find out more about Easy2Recruit, garages should visit:


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