Thinktool EV ‘cell balancer’ gives steady charge for off-vehicle testing

EV batteries need a steady charge during any off-car diagnostic work, which is why Thinkcar UK has released the Thinktool EVP802 cell balancer.


The Thinktool EVP802 cell balancer is an EV pack modular equaliser designed to provide stable high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies for off-vehicle battery testing.


“The EV car parc is diversifying as more manufacturers offer a wider array of EVs,” said Alex Gillbanks, Managing Director of Impact Diagnostics, the specialist supplier behind Thinkcar UK. “It is also maturing, with older cars now more likely to enter independent garages, which means those garages will need new tools. With outstanding specifications and an intuitive interface, the EVP802 will change your approach to EV diagnostics.”


The easily portable tool comes with a 7-inch screen interface, and can be connected via TCP/IP or USB-Device for data transfer. In terms of results, charge/discharge data is accessed through histograms and data tables. When in use, the EVP802 supports up to two modules at once, meaning technicians can work with a maximum of 12 batteries simultaneously on each channel. Once a battery is connected to the EVP802, technicians can conduct a wide range of electronic vehicle testing scenarios.


The EVP802 was a hit with visitors to the Thinkcar UK stand at both Mechanex Harrogate in May and the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event in June. “Garage owners and technicians with an eye on the EV market were really taking an interest in the EVP802,” said Alex.


This is just part of the overall EV offering from the company. “Thinkcar UK is bringing the tools of tomorrow that enable EV testing and offline diagnostics,” said Alex. “With the EVP802, get ready to experience a new era of precision, versatility, and convenience in the world of off-vehicle testing.”


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