New Schaeffler and REPXPERT social media feeds launched


All of Schaeffler’s social media activity can now be accessed from a dedicated feed, with a corresponding feed for REPXPERT accounts launched alongside it. Thanks to the move, technicians will never miss out on news or announcements on upcoming training, special events or new products.


Schaeffler’s social media feed contains all posts from Schaeffler’s Europe-wide Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) accounts, clearly displayed in date order, and accessible via a simple click. Content covered includes new technology, parts manufacturing updates and more.


Meanwhile, the REPXPERT feed is dedicated to posts from REPXPERT’s very active Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts. Here, technicians can find out the latest REPXPERT training updates and more.


The twin feeds have been created so busy techs can always access posts they might otherwise miss.


“Today’s best garage technicians are often very active on social media seeking out the latest announcements on kit and methods,” said Matthew Selby, Sales and Marketing Director at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) Ltd. “However, they are also busy professionals who spend much of their time with their head under a bonnet.


“Thanks to our new social media feeds, they will always be able to catch up with all the latest announcements from Schaeffler and REPXPERT without having to bounce between various apps and accounts.”


To access the new Schaeffler social media feed, visit:


For the new REPXPERT social media feed, visit:


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