Get to know Delphi-backed racing hotshot, Joseph Knight


As the BRSCC Airtec Motorsport Fiesta ST240 Championship approaches the halfway stage in the 2024 calendar, Delphi is shining a spotlight on one of the season’s most promising talents: Joseph Knight.


His journey into the racing world started at the tender age of five when his father gifted him a go kart, sparking a passion that would drive his racing career forward.


“It was only after my dad got me that kart, that I showed any interest in motorsport,” said Knight. “He’s always been into his motorsport and, after my first test day, I quickly got into it too. It was amazing.”


Transitioning from karting to car racing at the age of 14, Knight quickly made a name for himself with impressive performances, podium finishes and wins. His determination and skill led him to the 2020 Fiesta Junior Championship, where he showcased his potential despite COVID disruption and mechanical issues along the way.


Building on his experience, Knight progressed up to the Fiesta Senior Championship in 2022 before making his debut in the BRSCC Airtec Motor Sport Fiesta ST240 Championship in 2023. Now, at the age of 18, Knight is once again piloting his Mark VII ST 180 Fiesta with a formidable 240 brake horsepower for a second year in the series.


“His journey began with a simple gift from his father, but his dedication and skill have transformed him into a true racing phenomenon,” said Raj Sangha, UK Marketing Manager at Delphi. “We’re proud to sponsor Joseph and witness his relentless pursuit of excellence in every race he conquers.”


Supported by Delphi, Knight is determined to make a statement on the racetrack. His sights are set on future goals, aspiring to compete in the British Touring Car Championship and to ultimately race at Le Mans.

“I want to make my mark as a racing driver in the next couple of years,” said Knight. “The goal is to drive at Le Mans. I’d obviously love to win but even to simply drive it, that’s my biggest goal. Every time I’m on the track, that’s what I’m thinking about.


“We’ve come a long way from where we left off last year and we’re in a position where we can contend for podiums and wins consistently now. While we have had some bad luck, the progress we have made outweighs all of it. Each round we have gotten stronger as a team, and we are showing promise for the season ahead. The task for me now is just consistent results.”


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