Garage Hive community shines at DPF Doctor Conference


Garage Hive community members were called upon for their unique expertise as forward-thinking pioneers at the DPF Doctor Conference held in Newcastle on 11th May. Their insights and innovative approaches were showcased to motivate and inspire other independent garage owners, highlighting the cutting-edge strategies and knowledge fostered by Garage Hive.


Garage Hive Director Alex Lindley delivered an engaging presentation on setting business targets and the importance of leveraging data. Highlighting the ever-expanding Garage Industry Trends resource, Alex explained how data can drive informed decision-making and stimulate business growth.


“Using data effectively can transform the way we operate, helping us set realistic targets and achieve our goals more efficiently,” said Alex. “Data should be the starting point for garages that want to maximise performance, boost sales and improve customer retention.”


Tim Benson of Oldfields Garage, a proud advocate of the award-winning Garage Hive garage management system, challenged the conventional wisdom of “the customer is always right” in his thought-provoking presentation at the event. He underscored the importance of attracting the right customers to align with business objectives.


Barry Lawson of Lawson AutoTech, also a member of the Garage Hive community, shared his success story, detailing how his garage has been attracting the complex jobs that other workshops have been unable to handle. Barry’s experience underscored the importance of a strategic diagnostic process in distinguishing a garage within a competitive market.


The DPF Doctor network, renowned for its focus on diagnosing DPF-related faults rather than merely repairing and cleaning them, provided an ideal backdrop for these discussions. The event highlighted the synergy between technical expertise and business acumen, showcasing how independent garages can thrive by combining both.


“Having so many of our users called to speak at industry events like the DPF Doctor Conference is a testament to the innovation and leadership within the Garage Hive community,” said Alex. “It reflects our commitment to empowering garages with the tools and knowledge they need to excel and underscores the collective expertise that defines our following.”


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