Delphi explores surge of ‘fundamentals’ training in 2023


Delphi says the pattern of demand growth for training experienced during 2023 portrayed an unexpected picture, as the aftermarket continues to wrestle with both upskilling for emerging technologies and immediate technician shortages.


Delphi says in the end, 2023 saw a ‘back to basics’ approach from many businesses.


“We had a rise in EV training demand, as we had anticipated,” said Luke Garratt, UK and Nordics Technical Services Manager at Delphi. “However, we saw a much more dramatic increase in people going back to ‘grassroots’ training.”


Demand for training on topics like wheels and tyres, braking systems, steering and suspension and four-wheel alignment surged sharply. This is believed to be caused by the difficulties experienced by many businesses in recruiting skilled technicians.


“For many garages now, that really experienced member of the team in the workshop, that would help everyone and offer their advice or opinion, just isn’t there anymore,” said Luke. “This means the only option is to get people on board and then train on the basics.”


Delphi launched a new 66-page Training Prospectus in the final quarter of 2023 ( and remain committed to ‘blended learning’. This ethos offers a combination of classroom-based and e-learning opportunities to garages.


“We have seen an increase in demand for vehicle technical information and our e-learning Academy too because people need to have that technical guidance when working with modern vehicles,” said Luke.


Delphi also reports ‘huge uptake’ on the popular ‘How To’ videos available to garages free of charge within the ‘Masters of Motion’ hub that launched at the start of last year.


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