Delphi Academy sets milestone with hydrogen training


After months of hard work and research Delphi Academy has announced the launch of a pioneering new hydrogen training course.


The new programme marks a significant industry milestone and will shape the future of hydrogen training across the industry. Available as progression training for Delphi’s well-established IMI Accredited Hydrogen Awareness course, the advanced training offering has been developed using Delphi’s extensive fuel system experience, unique knowledge of hydrogen internal combustion and deep understanding of the UK aftermarket.


“Hydrogen technology is still emerging,” said David Guilfoyle, Technical Trainer at Delphi. “Our engineering teams have been pivotal in helping the industry establish benchmarks for hydrogen training. It goes far beyond the basics and provides participants with an education as part of a new era of hydrogen internal combustion vehicles.”


Delphi’s two-day ‘advanced hydrogen’ training course promises a deeper understanding on the principles of hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen internal combustion operation. Practical tasks on Delphi’s hydrogen powertrain rig include changing injector seals, which involves a special hydrogen purging process.


“Hydrogen technology is a hot topic, yet there’s a lack of deep understanding about its role within the automotive sector, especially when compared to other renewable fuels,” said Luke Garratt, UK Technical Services Manager at Delphi. “The key lies in identifying the appropriate fuel for each application and possessing the expertise and resources to maintain that technology.”


The first delegate to complete and pass the advanced hydrogen training was none other than Neil Fryer, Vice President and General Manager for Global Aftermarket at Phinia.


“For us, it’s about upholding the standards of the automotive aftermarket,” said Neil. “In an industry where hydrogen technology is a hot topic but often lacks deep understanding, Delphi stands at the forefront, offering the expertise and resources necessary to navigate this evolving landscape.”


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