Cyber security challenge tackled in latest mega macs software update


Independent garages facing the challenge of Cyber Security Management (CSM) are gaining more support thanks to the latest software update for mega macs diagnostic devices from Hella Gutmann, with the brand-new version 73 offering even wider coverage through the addition of Hyundai to the list of 15 vehicle manufacturers catered for.


879 specific models now have CSM coverage, up from 818 in the previous version 72, taking in Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Polestar, Renault, Volkswagen and more.


The latest version 73 software is compatible with mega macs X, ONE, 56 and 42SE, as well as mega macs PC.


Beyond CSM, 136 more models receive overall diagnostic coverage in the new version, bringing the total to 46,171.On the e-mobility front, additional diagnostic functionalities have been added for Tesla models, including the Tesla Model 3. Looking towards ADAS, coverage has been increased here as well, with a further 13 models, making the total now 319.


The new features in the latest version of the mega macs software reflect the changing world garages inhabit and have been designed to help them continue to serve their customers at the highest level. “With vehicle security coming under increasing scrutiny, and vehicle repairers progressively needing to deal with these systems,” said Julian Goulding, Hella Gutmann’s Head of Sales, “this new software further strengthens Hella Gutmann’s cyber security coverage. Version 73 of the mega macs software offers an expansion in CSM coverage that is both timely and crucial. The addition of Hyundai continues our rolling extension of the vehicle makes and models covered, which is absolutely crucial for our customers, who continue to face an ever widening array of vehicles.”


On the inclusion of further diagnostic functionalities for vehicles from Tesla, Julian said: “The popularity of Tesla continues, and as these vehicles reach the aftermarket, it is vital that garages are able to work on these complex vehicles.”


The mandated inclusion of ADAS systems on all new cars means going forward, garages will need to offer this service as standard. “ADAS capability is a necessity for garages, so the continued expansion in this area continues to provide further coverage for repairers.”


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