Mike Ruff to join Autotech as Account Director test


Autotech Communications is pleased to announce Mike Ruff will join the business on 1st March as Account Director.


The move will once again reunite Mike, as outgoing editor of Garage Wire, with James Onions, Autotech Director and founder of Garage Wire.


“I’m delighted,” said James. “Mike and I worked together successfully beween him joining Garage Wire in 2015 and me leaving in August 2020.


“He now brings a wealth of experience, a well-deserved good reputation, a great network of garage and trade contacts along with a modern skills-set.”


Autotech Communications provides public relations, marketing and media services for a growing number of leading brands within the automotive aftermarket.


“The aftermarket is evolving at a faster rate than ever,” said James. “Technology isn’t just changing cars; it’s changed the way people find and consume trade information.”


Autotech suggests brands are still evolving previous communications plans to suit this on-demand landscape but sees a positive future for those developing multi-channel plans. This brings complexity as it requires both working with established media but also informally propagating messages digitally, then nurturing engagement directly over email, social and website channels.


“I’m really excited to be working alongside James again,” said Mike. “I hope to help our clients achieve their goals with our combined multi-media expertise.


“I  aim to bring deep first-hand insight of the needs and wants of UK garage owners so I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck into producing insightful content and airing it across the most relevant platforms and publications to produce results.”