Valeo stop-start IMI event proves insightful test

Valeo Service UK’s recent IMI-member event which celebrated two decades since it first pioneered stop-start technology has been declared a resounding success.


Held at the Valeo Service UK IMI-approved training centre in March, the evening event attracted a diverse array of attendees from across the automotive industry, including mechanics, garage owners, college tutors and OEM dealers, underscoring the widespread enthusiasm for advancements in automotive innovation.


“Valeo consistently goes above and beyond to support our membership,” said Paul Jarvis, Birmingham IMI Association Chairman. “Their dedication to training ensures that technicians are well-prepared and equipped to face emerging challenges in the automotive industry. Attending these events is crucial for staying informed about upcoming technologies and trends, ultimately empowering technicians to make informed decisions and enhance their skillsets.”


Valeo pioneered stop-start technology in 2004 with the introduction of the ‘starter alternator reversible system’ (StARS) on the Citroen C4 using sensors to monitor battery charge and vehicle operation, enabling automatic engine shutdown and restart. The innovation swiftly garnered attention for its significant reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.


Over the past two decades, Valeo has remained at the forefront of automotive innovation, offering stop-start solutions for both original equipment and aftermarket applications. Its advancements include i-StARS, ReStart, and the latest addition, the 48-volt integrated belt starter generator (i-BSG), which serves as a regenerative braking system, storing energy for later use, such as providing a power boost during acceleration.


“We are delighted by the overwhelming turnout and positive feedback received from attendees at our IMI-member event,” said Stewart Lynch, Technical Trainer at Valeo Service UK. “The evening featured engaging presentations on the evolution of Valeo’s start-stop system and hands-on demonstrations.”


Valeo is now set to release a new four-part webinar series on the evolution of stop-start systems. The webinar series will go live on April 10th. Register and attend the webinars by going to the Valeo web portal here:


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