Producing Autotorque publications for The Parts Alliance


I managed the contract publishing of the Autotorque digital magazine and news site for The Parts Alliance for 3 years.


This work had become difficult for their busy inhouse marketing department to manage alongside urgent core activity so the output was inconsistent. To overcome this, The Parts Alliance outsourced the entire production of an extended publication schedule to Autotech in 2017.


We managed the process end-to-end to approach and sell the concept to supplier partners, plan in their activity, produce the Autotorque publications to an agreed schedule and manage all invoicing and credit control. Commercially it was a ‘fee-free’ proposition for The Parts Alliance as we were funded by the advertising revenue we managed to raise.


Output included four digital magazines per year, updates to their news website and the production of a fortnightly email newsletter. We were comfortable working under the Autotorque brand guidelines, as the 3rd party magazine brand of The Parts Alliance. The traffic to the website grew signifiantly as we were able to distribute everything digitally to all The Parts Alliance’s customers.