Swift Motor Services experiences a ‘record four months’ thanks to TechMan

Car mechanic in workshop

Garage management specialist, TechMan, has helped Swift Motor Services in Worthing to achieve a record four months since going live with the system in July.

Swift Motor Services first opened its doors in 1990, and has grown in scale significantly over the past 28 years, expanding its operations to a second site in order to better accommodate commercial vehicles, and now employing 18 staff across both locations.

This growth necessitated an overhaul of Swift Motors’ business practices, leading to live demonstration of TechMan’s garage management system.

After some initial ‘teething troubles’ with the TechMan system, garage owner Glen Strachan was inclined to end his subscription, as he lacked the time to fully immerse himself in how the system worked.

Glen commented: “To begin with, we found that working with the parts tracking system seemed to take too long, and we found that mechanics were standing around not doing anything as they weren’t adding their jobs onto the tablets quickly enough.”

TechMan promptly delivered additional on-site training for Glen and invested days of their time to addressing the technicians’ questions and concerns in person.

“The TechMan support team have been very patient with us,” continued Glen. “They helped us to tailor the system to suit our needs, and I was amazed to find that – despite the hard slog of the first few weeks – when I examined the figures at the end of the month we had hit a record for labour sales!

“As we got more adept at using the system we achieved better and better labour sales each month for four consecutive months.

“The ability to be able to see our productivity and the hours that we have available to sell has totally transformed the way we work.”

Such simple yet effective features help to highlight how many hours garages are actually selling each day, helping to streamline the overall efficiency of the business.

TechMan’s transformative impact on Swift Motor Services has lead Glen to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ subscription package, which will allow him to track technician efficiency and manage his second site remotely.

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