Examples – video production

We understand that few things resonate with your customer base like seeing your products in action.

AutoTech has advanced digital and new media capabilities thanks to our sister business Garage Wire.

The same team and processes that produce video content for GWTV, the channel launched midway through 2015, are available to produce content for your brand. We are able to offer a video and pod cast service, enabling our clients to bring their products to life through rich media.

The example below was filmed at the Classic Car Show at a busy NEC in Dec 2015 and can be viewed on Dynamat’s YouTube channel.


Another ‘real-world’ example of the power of video can be found in the example below. In this we film a car ‘before and after’ treatment with GSF Car Parts’ Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner and capture authentic credible comment from a garage-owner.


Both videos quickly clocked up valuable ‘Views’ on YouTube and were created by us at a sensible price point yet with production values that met the expectations of these market-leading brands.