Case study – organic coverage for diesel specialist

Clipboard02Trade press media coverage can be a tough nut to crack where there’s no supporting display advertising spend. Or so they say.

And whilst this popular perception can prove true, our work with specialist Feather Diesel services illustrates that good quality content can generate premium coverage without costing a penny.

In 2015 we generated a short series of articles on subjects including the dangers posed by ‘cheap diesel’ and the true causes of generic fuel pressure OBD-II diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0089.

Whilst to the layman or consumer these might not seem like obvious page-turners, both articles provided valuable original information, that was relevant to its audience, with an authoritative technical edge.

The press releases, which were created from simple meeting notes and a brief email exchange, both achieved extensive 100% free organic coverage in leading titles including CAT, Aftermarket, Professional Motor Mechanic, Garage & MOT, Garage Wire and others.