Celsus launch Dynamat custom kits for VW Beetle


Celsus, the European distributor of Dynamat’s soundproofing and heat control solutions, has added a series of custom Dynamat Xtreme noise control kits for VW Beetle, available now to buy direct from the website.

There’s a choice of no less than seven different Dynamat Xtreme kits, all of which are pre-cut to fit the iconic curves of the Beetle. The kits upgrade all key sections including door, floor, roof, parcel shelf and the boot, sold separately so that VW Beetle enthusiasts can apply the Dynamat to their vehicle all in one go, or in stages over a period of time.

The benefits of the custom kits are significant; Dynamat’s experts have designed these templates so that customers can be assured that their beloved beetle will have just the right Dynamat treatment without any guesswork. There is no need to cut or measure as each section of the vehicle has a dedicated cut to size part, saving time over installing sheet material.

“The kits deliver the benefits of Dynamat as a peel and stick solution,” said Celsus marketing director, Mark Baker.

“Installation will significantly reduce road and engine noise, a common concern in these vehicles, as well as stopping all those annoying panel rattles and vibrations, making driving altogether more enjoyable.”

The market leading Dynamat Xtreme is light, at less than 1.7mm thick, and uses a unique extensional damper technology to convert vibration into silent energy. Dynamat products are designed to deliver optimum performance for the application using proprietary patented formula.

Dynamat Xtreme sticks straight to the metal and is then smoothed down to fit with a small roller. Installation is a job that’s suitable for DIY’ers as well as professionals. It’s also the perfect low cost enhancement on any bare metal Beetle restoration project, though the kits can be retro-fitted at anytime, providing all panels and seating have been removed from the vehicle.

All kits fit Beetles dated from 1938 right through to 2003, meaning that enthusiasts keen to get that new car clunk for their classic when they close the doors can simply order online direct from the Dynamat website.

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